Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Rustles Sing... today's gift

A timely post on the Intuisdom blog this morning... or at least, that's when I found it?!... in the wake of realizing I'd been sad about being sad, tired of being tired, angry about being angry and just plain fed up with being fed up... mostly with and at myself for feeling sad, tired, angry and fed up... yikes... where had I been? caving bear... isolating, hibernating, gestating, stewing, growing, knowing, waking.... what was I waiting for?

A crisp sunny spring morning drew me out into the yard, pussy willows, crocus, tulip tips pushing up thru the grass... reaching for the sunlight. Household tasks afterward met with ease, a minute of reflection then to my desk. And then, this gift: Sweet Rustles Sing:    http://blog.intuisdom.com/2011/03/sweet-rustles-sing.html#comment-form

... it was like my walk, gently guided here and there, being in the moment of seeing each new bud, each little greeening herb waking. There was an ease to these forthcomings, no push, no rush, no should... just gentle expansion, life force flowing from within the earth in perfect sinc with all that was offered in support of each in their own place. The light greeting each in their own timing.
And so, I AM, perhaps, what I was waiting for... in my own timing, facing the light, allowing the earth to support me in each single sacred moment of my now knowing. At one with all that is... on this evolutionary path of rebirthing, of understanding, of accepting, allowing and being... and in gratitude for all of it.
Namaste'... hope you enjoy Sweet Rustles Sing...
Peace, Deb

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