Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sacred Space

I see the path of the Labyrinth as A Silver Cord, that which connects heaven and earth. In this sacred space, we may reflect on our own journey, experiencing more of our earthwalk as well as our undeniable awareness of that which is beyond.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

What do you think? Unconditional Love or else?

All love is unconditional, if it's not...
it's something else!  unknown author...

Shamballa On! All love, all knowing, healing, being...
I AM That I AM...
Connecting with the love with out conditions and freedom from fear!
Sharing the Mahatma Energy of unconditional love of Mother/Father God

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

DO WHAT YOU CAN... for the Foals...

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!"  I think that's an old Teddy Roosevelt quote... but I will check into it.

Some years ago, I participated in a wellness day for animals at a local horse farm. Dogs, horses and their 'peeps', animal chiropracters, trainers, nutritionists, reiki folks... all particpated together to help their animals and each other remember, feel and learn to maintain balance in and between the areas of their lives.

Together, we built a huge spiral (the most ancient labyrinthian form) in a paddock for riders and their horses to experience the healing, balancing energy of the labyrinth... Horses were huge and I safely kept my distance, with a fence between. They were (in my illusion) unpredictable and I did not feel very safe around them. Much of that has shifted today... and I find myself, once again, in close contact with these amazing creatures. Shamanically, "horse" is all about personal power... you can find that info on line... GOOGLE is such a great resource for us if we don't already have 5 books about something or other.

Since my work is primarily vibrational, I've been much more liable to sit in the labyrinth (real or etheric) and share energy medicine, healing frequencies, clearings from the 'peace and relative safety' of my own personal sacred space. Today, I may get to meet them in person! And that feels pretty exciting! AAaaahhh... horse is working within already!

So, three foals (check out facebook pictures/info at:  Kendra Bond or donate at Black Feather Horse Rescue) arrived on Sunday. Many are saying prayers, participating in care & feeding of these little ones. Your participation is welcome, on whatever level you feel guided to offer. I find a smile in me (it raises our vibration when we do that... try it: look in the mirror and smile at your self!) and say:  "I AM that I AM, The Mahatma in Love, Shamballa On, Shamballa On, Shamballa On... all in accordance with Divine Will and participation of my own I AM presence." Shambala is the high energy/frequency of the unconditional love of mother/father god... It is my prayer offered thru out the day, each time I think of these little 4-footed angel babies... Below (I hope, btw, I could use some tech-y help) you'll find the donation button for financial support for just the foals or you can go to web site's Donate page for additional info, mailing addresses, etc. 

Blessings and we all thank you for your support.

Orphan Foal Fund

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Rustles Sing... today's gift

A timely post on the Intuisdom blog this morning... or at least, that's when I found it?!... in the wake of realizing I'd been sad about being sad, tired of being tired, angry about being angry and just plain fed up with being fed up... mostly with and at myself for feeling sad, tired, angry and fed up... yikes... where had I been? caving bear... isolating, hibernating, gestating, stewing, growing, knowing, waking.... what was I waiting for?

A crisp sunny spring morning drew me out into the yard, pussy willows, crocus, tulip tips pushing up thru the grass... reaching for the sunlight. Household tasks afterward met with ease, a minute of reflection then to my desk. And then, this gift: Sweet Rustles Sing:

... it was like my walk, gently guided here and there, being in the moment of seeing each new bud, each little greeening herb waking. There was an ease to these forthcomings, no push, no rush, no should... just gentle expansion, life force flowing from within the earth in perfect sinc with all that was offered in support of each in their own place. The light greeting each in their own timing.
And so, I AM, perhaps, what I was waiting for... in my own timing, facing the light, allowing the earth to support me in each single sacred moment of my now knowing. At one with all that is... on this evolutionary path of rebirthing, of understanding, of accepting, allowing and being... and in gratitude for all of it.
Namaste'... hope you enjoy Sweet Rustles Sing...
Peace, Deb

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee... Waking up!

A friend posted this morning on facebook: " I think my cup of coffee was too strong this morning...i'm wired!! (time to make use of the energy and get something done)"

It was a wake up call for me... and brought me right out of my winter cave!

I've been 'struggling' this winter with low energy, dull senses, slow wit... winter doldrums... feeling really disconnected... SAD... whatever you'd like to call it...  for me, labels used to be irritating, until I realized that they sometimes hold a clue, a piece of info that may lead me to a solution (if one is needed). Getting off topic and back to coffee... My organic blend, organic surgar, even organic half & half when I had it, has not been doing its job!!!! About 3 weeks ago, I gave serious consideration to cutting out coffee completely.  (hint: surgery may not always be the first, best solution).

So, I've tapered off, using some energy medicine tools to neutralize what's been coming up about 'giving up' something I like so much!  Here was my spontaneous comment... after a few mintues... the path this awareness was creating... the dots that were connecting... needed more room that a short facebook comment... so here it is. It was an amazing journey! Turns out I was feeling like I had had to give up much more than coffee in the last few years!

Hi friend... Coffee was always my first thing each day. In the passed few months, tho' I'm right with you. "They" say coffee is grounding... but I wonder.
In homeopathy, there is theory (fact to some) that coffee can negate/neutralize a remedy, even days after you first take it. As (more than ever!) energetic beings, I'm feeling like the energy of coffee (that wired feeling) is perhaps our 'wiring' getting a bit 'fried' so we are no longer 'in the flow' and when that happens, its an opportunity to remember what feeling 'disconnected' is like. We feel the need to push thru it, get going, do something. Good for me! it used to get me to moving and burning off the cream & sugar (even the organic kind)... It's a great tool! But, like Kamala  used to teach in 4Forces... everything has its functional and dysfunctional side... my old Nana used to say... what ever gets 'em into church... awareness, understanding, balance come to each of us in unique and individual ways.
Thanks for this 'set up'... I'll be tappin' (EFT) as I continue to let go of my own addictions to coffee, my need to disconnect from what is uncomfortable in my life and my  unwillingness to let go of things that seem to have power over me.  Wow! there's a wakeup! the root of this one may be about feeling powerless... tap tap tap...
In gratitude for all that is...   Shamballa On! if you like.

Monday, August 9, 2010

BLISS: A favorite quote

Follow your biss and the universe will open doors for you
where there were only walls ... Joseph Campbell

Peace, Deb