Monday, August 9, 2010

BLISS: A favorite quote

Follow your biss and the universe will open doors for you
where there were only walls ... Joseph Campbell

Peace, Deb

Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Upcoming Auction...May 21 & 22! Airs Live on Channel 9 Comcast and

Well Sista's... who'd a thought? A month has passed and we (at the Earth Lodge non-profit) are knee deep in donations for the first annual Wareham Community Live auction  &  Entertainment weekend event! It's all about community resourcing. Local non-profits coming together to support each other, the community and a variety of educational and recreational programs for children and adults. The Onset Youth Center restoration program and the Boys & Girls Club of Wareham join Earth Lodge, Wareham Community TV to create this all-volunteer effort. Amazing entertainment. So many items we are now wondering just wondering how we did so good!

We have classes & scholarships, gift certificates for massage & myofacial release, jewelry, overnites at local seaside guest houses and area hotels, 'out of town specials', wheel alignments, garden ornaments, organic garden products, plants, quilts, framed photos, gift baskets galore, gift cards from great local restaurants, hair & personal care baskets & gift cards.
There are New England Team & US flags, signed baseballs & basketballs from local teams, camping items and two weeks at summer camp. Check out the whole list. 

Preview items at;

Volunteer to help out before during afterward at

I am offering two Labyrinth set-ups:  these are gifts from my heart, so no reserve!
Please visit the 'creating sacred space' page at my labyrinth website for more info about these offerings.

A non-profit fundraiser: We will create a labyrinth walk fundraiser for a local church, charity, non-profit or other organization! We will visit with the winner, assist in creating a program, schedules, and set our portable labyrinth in your indoor or outdoor location. est. value $300-500

An outdoor garden/yard labyrinth set up for your personal or business location. Will vist yard or garden of the winner, assess space, dowse for location, center, entrance and design (4 or 7 path classic) or our 5-path Star labyrinth, and lay that form out for to be completed at your leisure with stones, bricks, woodchips, mowing, etc... est. value $200-300

I am also offering a scholarship  to an upcoming 2-day Shamballa Basic Healter Workshop. Shamballa MDH (Multi-dimensional Healing) incorporates the frequencies of unconditional love and freedom from fear with the Mahatma Energy of Source/creator. A series of guided meditations assists to transform & release energy, frequency that no longer serves us and to enhance our abilities to connect & interact with the higher frequencies of unconditional love, appreciation & gratitude and other non-3D dimensional information. This work was life changing for me and am honored to be certified to share it with others.  I have been facilitating this process for myself and others as a workshop since 2003. For more info about Shamballa MDH  This scholarship is valued at $222 for the 2-day workshop; or you may apply it against the 3-day Shamballa Master Teacher class for $333. Just let me know when you register that your have this Scholarship credit. .

My friend and co-director of our non-profit, Earth Lodge Kendra Bond ( and, is offering a bracelet making class, a necklace and earrings from her amazing stone collections, an hour video on dvd & 100 still photos from your upcoming special event.

Our daughter, Beth Sellon (Triple Leaf Garden Design) has donated a really wonderul bug cap with mosquito netting around it. Our daughter Kim Sellon/Victor ( has offered a custom designed hand laced leather bag.

Skip & I will be mostly behind the scenes... helping with technical stuff and answering phones,  tracking bids, etc.
You can attend the auction, but most will want to watch on cable or via internet live feed!

Hope you will post any questions and share this on your twitter and facebooks... Remember, it's all for the kids!

And... watch our calendars on all the sites for upcoming events, drumming circles, tv shows and Children's relief programs. Hope you will follow our blog and remember:

We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all! Namaste' and many hugs, peace... Deb & Skip

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All this Shift..... Where do we start? How about this Thursday?

Easy to say:  Step into it. Just say yes!
Become the willow in the wind... exhale stress, inhale your own divinity.
Embrace each other in love. Be the change you wish to see in the world...
Lots of ways to say "I do"... I AM...
But really.... how can we sustain this?
It this what you call evolution?

Check out Abraham's quote today:

Start anytime you think of it... choose it... intend it... and then do something that makes you happy.
It's a start...

much love, pollyanna...
Oops! Deb...

Join us at Angels by the Sea, Village Landing, Plymouth MA
on 3rd Thursdays, 7-9 pm for holistic networking.
It's all about how we feed ourselves... supporting the mind/body/spirit connection.

Bring your own info, visit & share with others who are seeking (clients, info, community, etc)
Bring a 'healthful' snack for the  'food table'...
Topic:  3/18/2010... you guessed it:  EMBRACING CHANGE...


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Non-profit Earth Lodge airs AT THE HUB

Heya all... happy to say... we have aired our first show... At The Hub will be viewable in Wareham area via Comcast, Channel 9 at 7:30 PM Sunday evenings; Also on educational TV Comcast 97 Tuesdays 11 AM; Verizon 28 Thursdays 6 PM... Hope to see you At The Hub...; check out our guest links and email us with your needs or donations! Many thanks to WCTV, Wareham's Community Access TV.    Namaste' Deb

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honoring Spirit in the Healing Process

Norma Gentile Rocks! Today I am reminded that all of me can walk in balance... and I am aware that I could honor the sacred masculine a bit more... like many women these days, I go back and forth, and  am often less kind to the masculine than the goddess parts of myself.  My intention is to be honoring, respectful, compassionate... and its not unusual when consciously blocking what I perceive to be negative reaction or feeling or behavior... anger, being brash, pushing to get something done... that I also may be not-so-consciously blocking the my own sense of strength, personal power, determination. So... here I share Norma's honoring the Sacred Masculine Youtube... enjoy... she has been a great teacher for me. Her great newsletter always seems to arrive in 'divine timing'... and often speaks directly to my heart. Thanks Norma...