Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wind walkers...

Thanksgiving Day labyrinth walk, cloudy, mid-afternoon... gusty, it was... the southeast wind lifting the tarps of the wood pile, blowing the rest of the Linden and Cherry leaves around the paths in swirls... little vortexes (vortices?) of wispy energy twisting around the curves of the stone-lined paths. Wind walkers dancing along the path reminding me of hay twisting into floating spirals in a hot summer hay field... dust swirling up off the dirt road, water spiraling between rocks and trees in a local stream.... or below the old river dam... How easy it was back then to get 'caught up' in those little swirls... and just drift away for a moment.... hhhmmm.... maybe in these moments, we move closer to who we really? I walk in the wind, along the path... I AM THAT, IAM! I give thanks! :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sunset (to the right, west) reflecting off the Grandmother Linden Tree. She sits at the north end of the old house overlooking both the labyrinths, the original 7-cycle built with yarn and bricks in the mid 1990's and the newer 5-path spiral Stellata (star) labyrinth. Just too wonderful not to share! Enjoy, Deb

Wasps hanging out in the Labyrinth.

The last of the yellow heart-shaped Linden Leaves (left) and the cherry tree (right) hanging out in the 5-path star labyrinth. This 45' diameter stone garden leads the walker along the spiral path gently turning in different directions, providing alternating perceptions of the journey to center. From mid-August until mid-October, a large paperwasp nest 'hung out' in the Linden Tree branches just above the center path. White faced paper wasps gently guarded their space... chosen for the warmth rising up from the stone paths, warmed by the bright fall sunshine, as they made themselves ready for their winter challenges.  At first it was small, softball size. A group of us walked in and out of the labyrinth during a Shamballa 13D class. Half way thru my last
walk, I came 3rd eye to its entrance with it. This was folllowed by weeks of asking for info from nature, reading, listening... Coming eventually to the awareness that the more I resisted their being in my space (yikes?!) the more they were resisting leaving (and yes, I asked them to move on, and so did others) but in reality, they were just subletting, squatting, where I really had no plans to be. As I released my resistance to them, it released to many other things in my life. As I invited awareness and understanding about them, I received more about other things in my life. As I came ultimately to appreciate, even welcome the wisdom and knowledge, awareness coming from the experience, to gratefully allow their presence in my life to be a gift that supported my journey, many other things in my life seemed to become  easier and gentler. They chose my Linden Tree, my labyrinth, my space to hang out. Shamanicaly, the 1st wave of these critters builds the core of the next and feeds the queen, who lays the eggs, that become more workers, so there's a bigger nest, more food, etc... it's all part of their winter prep. The Linden tree is 2nd generation here of our big tree...has a gentle, calming balancing energy, puts out cazillions of tiny delicate white flowers in mid-end June. So many that the bees that come to collect the nectar can be heard all around the house. This Labyrinth, a 5-path form, numerically invites opportunity for growth and learning thru creating change and new experiences into our lives. Hhmm.... I put it all together and know that they have brought me a great gift of awareness of how things evolve... interesting... the new blog is gotta love it! Namaste' Deb