Saturday, January 30, 2010

Honoring Spirit in the Healing Process

Norma Gentile Rocks! Today I am reminded that all of me can walk in balance... and I am aware that I could honor the sacred masculine a bit more... like many women these days, I go back and forth, and  am often less kind to the masculine than the goddess parts of myself.  My intention is to be honoring, respectful, compassionate... and its not unusual when consciously blocking what I perceive to be negative reaction or feeling or behavior... anger, being brash, pushing to get something done... that I also may be not-so-consciously blocking the my own sense of strength, personal power, determination. So... here I share Norma's honoring the Sacred Masculine Youtube... enjoy... she has been a great teacher for me. Her great newsletter always seems to arrive in 'divine timing'... and often speaks directly to my heart. Thanks Norma...

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