Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wind walkers...

Thanksgiving Day labyrinth walk, cloudy, mid-afternoon... gusty, it was... the southeast wind lifting the tarps of the wood pile, blowing the rest of the Linden and Cherry leaves around the paths in swirls... little vortexes (vortices?) of wispy energy twisting around the curves of the stone-lined paths. Wind walkers dancing along the path reminding me of hay twisting into floating spirals in a hot summer hay field... dust swirling up off the dirt road, water spiraling between rocks and trees in a local stream.... or below the old river dam... How easy it was back then to get 'caught up' in those little swirls... and just drift away for a moment.... hhhmmm.... maybe in these moments, we move closer to who we really? I walk in the wind, along the path... I AM THAT, IAM! I give thanks! :)

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