Friday, October 16, 2009

A Silver Cord Connects Heaven and Earth

Welcome to A Silver Cord...  a new blog... a place to share our labyrinth experiences, thoughts,
knowledge, links, art...

Are we all connected?

Are all Labyrinths connected at the center... what is going on energetically in a labyrinth?

We surely are being invited to recognize that everything we do, perhaps everything we think
actually creates an ongoing effect.

Have you walked in a labyrinth? Did you know you can trace a the path of a small labyrinth path with your finger for an experience really similar to actually walking on a labyrinth built on the earth?

Send me a note to  receive one of my original designs... a heart labyrinth...
with simple meditation. It's a jpg file, so you can print it out for use with the kids anytime.
I will send it by email if that's ok... thanks... still working on the link thing!

Post a comment and we'll figure it out...

For now, you click on the small one below & print it if you like.

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