Monday, October 19, 2009

From the beginning...

The simplest way to start:  is just to ask to connect to whatever guide or angel is working with you and put on some nice music and spend a little time on a regular basis, just tracing the paths with different fingers. Labyrinths can help balance energy in your body and aura... many think it helps clear out (tracing the path into center) what is blocking us from something and assist in bringing in whatever energy or frequency is needed to support us manifesting what we intend... (the path from center back to beginning)... no accidents, mistakes, wrong turns... just the journey to the sacred center of 'self' and back into the present moment!... all metaphore if you choose to see it that way! I like to switch fingers (different sides of the brain, you know... and different meridians running thru each finger) just to see how it feels...

If you'd like more focus, pull a card or write down an issue you'd like some information on. Intend to clear any confusion about this issue on your journey to the center... pause as long as you feel guided at the middle... and listen (in as many ways as you know) to what ever flows into your awareness as you trace the path back to the beginning. Remember that a shift in energy (vibration/frequency) often takes a bit of time (and what is time?) to manifest into the physical. Be gentle with yourself... perhaps your answers will come unexpectedly in a dream or vision... an awareness or an 'ah ha!' at an unexpected moment...

Experiment with different forms... The Chartes design has many twists and turns. A Classic 7 cyle, fewer paths, gentler curves... The Man in the Maze (a southwestern motif) is also fun. I'll look for some pics to put up in a few days... but you will find them all if you poke around the internet a bit... If you know a Dowser... they have lots of info about such things as well... and other cool stuff like ley lines... one of the best sites I was ever on was Sig Lonegren's geomancy site... not sure it's still around... but I'll put a link in if I can find it... yup it's here!  I spent literally weeks absorbing the info there... and that was just the labyrinth info... Check out the labyrinth locator sites also... and visit local sites... our five-path labyrinth is shown in West Wareham, MA  02576. There are lots of cool links on that site as well.

By the way... wondering if anyone would like to join a meet up? we could pick from the lists of local labyrinths... and plan a series of group visits. Folks from all over come to visit here... Skip & I try to visit local installations whenever we are travelling; A friend and I just happened to find one on a mountain in Vermont a couple of years ago when we were driving to a Crystal conference. We made a point to stop on our way home... priorities, you know! Sometimes, it nice just to have a visit and a walk with others and share.  Feel free.. perhaps a 'virtual labyrinth share' is a better idea in New England right now... did you SEE the Snow Sunday? I put the rope labyrinth down on the green grass first thing Sunday morning.... when I picked it up just about dark, the star was frozen in shape... no way was I going to wind up and pack up all that icy rope! It's dry now...  And the kit & info brochure are coming together.

hhmm... the sun has set on my labyrinths for today... gonna go snuggle with the pups... hubby's out on frost watch... keeping those little red berries warm enough to become juice.

In peace & wellness
Namaste' Deb

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